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Please complete and submit this new application form when applying to TGOS:

Thank you for your interest in joining TGOS, please answer the following questions:

How many villages do you have?

Current population count:

Current troop count:

Why do you wish to join us?

How many times a day do you log into Travian?

How much Travian experience do you have, include any positions you've held in an alliance?

Are you currently being farmed by anyone? If so, who?

Is there anything you would like to tell us about you that may help us with a decision?

Thank you.

Also before you are accepted the current recruiter or another TGOS member must briefly be set as you sitter in order to evaluate your village(s) position. On that note we reassure you that no tampering to your village will be made and any and all information gained will remain confidential. Know that if you agree to the above we evaluate your village and find it unsatisfactory we may deny or delay admittance until satisfactory conditions are met. You are also free to reject these procedures (without worry of retribution) with the understanding that you will be denied admittance into the alliance.

TGOS Recruiter
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